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The aim of FlyHigh is the provision of a creative and interactive curriculum for secondary schools (lower and upper level).

This includes guidelines for teachers and the corresponding demonstration objects and teaching aids.

The curriculum is strong motivation factor for students – girls and boys equally – to deal with physics, mathematics and engineering sciences. The material can be used for the initial training and the continuous professional development of teachers in the field of physics and mathematics and related transversal key competences to make strongly theory based learning contents more attractive and accessible to students. This material aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom by using interactive methods that allow instant experiences of the learning contents close to reality and working life.

These teaching aides are ready for use:

  • »Fly High: Aviation Special«, curriculum
  • »Fly High: Teacher's Guide«
  • »Fly High: Demonstration Objects«, practical exercises and corresponding material, HSB-Glider, IHU-Windtunnel, J-Plane
  • »Fly High: Educational Film«
  • »Fly High: The Game«, ICT based learning material (educational game for smartphones and tablet PCs)
  • »Fly High: Challenge«, body of rules for a challenge with HB-Gliders and J-Planes
  • »Fly High: Master Collection«, collection of all aids

Fly High will so satisfy the need for appropriate and practically relevant teaching material and methodology for natural sciences (especially physics and mathematics) fostering a problem solving, more self guided and practically relevant earning approach for students in natural sciences.

About the Project

This project has been funded with support of the european commission.

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FlyHigh website provides a variety of educational materials for download.

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As a EU-wide project FlyHigh cooperates with many educational institutes as well as other companies.

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